Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 3

Genesis 50: 20  "Don't you see, you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good..."

Joseph's brothers are asking for forgiveness. Joseph is telling them that though they have tried to harm him, God continues to see that he is blessed and cared for. I don't know how relative it is to this passage, but I'm always thinking back to a phrase I heard years ago, "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it." Nothing will be sent your way that God doesn't think you can handle, with or without His help, including what others do to you.

Back to the lesson on forgiveness though...
Forgiving others gives the feeling of accomplishment. Letting them know that you acknowledge what they've done, but that you're not going to hold it against them necessarily. Maybe they have an excuse or it wasn't a big deal, or maybe it just isn't worth fighting over. You accept an apology and it's no longer an issue. You're a bigger person for it, it's one less thing to worry about. I don't know. It takes a strong person to forgive. A person who is caring, and believing in the person who has done the wrong-doing. Do they forgive because they care?
Being forgiven is completely different. I continue to feel guilty after I've been forgiven. I think and think over why I did whatever it was that I did, what I should have done differently, unfortunately even 'can I get away with this again?' If I'm forgiven for something, or anyone else, what's to stop me (them) from doing it again? Does all forgiveness come with a punishment? I do like to think that I've learned something out of the whole situation, hopefully for the better, and not a way to be sneaky and not get caught the next time around...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 2

I just read the passage Genesis 32:22-32. And my first thought...I really need to read from the beginning and up through the suggested passage. Because again I'm lost. SO, I'm going to start reading from the beginning. Once I am caught up and through this passage, I'll come back and try again. I wonder if it will explain why Jacob has two wives...


I'm not all the way caught up, but I have spent last night and most of today (when not busy with the kids) reading and I'm now up to Genesis 20.
I reread the passage, and looked over the notes again. Jacob wrestled with God and asked to be blessed. However it looks like in the back story that Jacob is wanting to make amends with his brother? Peacefully. It's asks if when placing myself in the story, who I would be. I can feel myself relating with Jacob, wanting to make peace with a former 'enemy' or whomever; I don't like having bad relationships with people, I want things to be good between me and everyone else. However, I can also imagine myself just being a bystander. I wouldn't be refusing to let God (or any other man) pass until they blessed me, and I would not wrestle with them. I avoid contact with others, avoid all violence...ya know. Just don't like it.

The 'Live' portion of this says to sit before God, imagining the night sounds and smell of running water, be comfortable with God in this atmosphere; to trust and reveal my desires of my heart...It's been raining all day and Jordan gets picked up in roughly 40 minutes, it was be past 1am, with my window open, listening to the rain and smelling the wet world, and I'm actually really looking forward to that darkness, trying to connect with God and talk to Him. Let him know how I'm feeling, what I want for myself, for our relationship...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 1

Today was my first day with my new The Message//Remix: Solo devotional. I've recently become more and more interested in having a relationship with God, and I think it's about time I start making it happen. I purchased both The Message//Remix and the Solo devotional to go with it. I've attended Bible study with my in-laws and made a few appearances at church...Anyway, I've finished Day 1 and I want to just get my thoughts out so I've created this blog.

Day 1
I read Genesis 3:1-10. In this excerpt The serpent told Woman to eat from the tree and she would be like God, even though God told her not to. She ate, and then Man ate. They then saw that they were naked. When they heard God coming through the garden they hid. God calls to them, "Where are you?" and Man answers, saying that he heard God coming and he was naked so they were afraid.
The reason they would have been afraid was because they ate from the tree which made them naked. It was because they had disobeyed God.
The book asks why God called out asking where they were if he knows everything already anyway. I think it's because he wanted them to come forward on their own, be honest, but mostly to not fear him. To be honest and come forth.
I don't know. I'm knew to this. Haha. These are just my beginning thoughts. I'm so lost. If anyone has any comments or would like to help me sort these things out, feel free to comment. I would love your thoughts.