Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 1

Today was my first day with my new The Message//Remix: Solo devotional. I've recently become more and more interested in having a relationship with God, and I think it's about time I start making it happen. I purchased both The Message//Remix and the Solo devotional to go with it. I've attended Bible study with my in-laws and made a few appearances at church...Anyway, I've finished Day 1 and I want to just get my thoughts out so I've created this blog.

Day 1
I read Genesis 3:1-10. In this excerpt The serpent told Woman to eat from the tree and she would be like God, even though God told her not to. She ate, and then Man ate. They then saw that they were naked. When they heard God coming through the garden they hid. God calls to them, "Where are you?" and Man answers, saying that he heard God coming and he was naked so they were afraid.
The reason they would have been afraid was because they ate from the tree which made them naked. It was because they had disobeyed God.
The book asks why God called out asking where they were if he knows everything already anyway. I think it's because he wanted them to come forward on their own, be honest, but mostly to not fear him. To be honest and come forth.
I don't know. I'm knew to this. Haha. These are just my beginning thoughts. I'm so lost. If anyone has any comments or would like to help me sort these things out, feel free to comment. I would love your thoughts.

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