Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 4

Moses sees the burning bush and it does not burn up. He interacts with the living God. Have I ever experienced a unique encounter with God?
...I don't know. Nothing really stands out. I mean I often get little 'signs' from Andy, just saying that he's here and he's thinking of me, but I don't think that's God, I think it's Andy. Being that Andy is in Heaven, does it make them the same people sort of? Like are the signs coming from the same place?
God says to Moses, "Remove your sandals from your feet. You're standing on holy ground." I think he tells him to remove his sandals so that his feet are bare, pure, as they touch the holy ground, just like feet were when people were first made onto Earth. Shoes are also dirty from all of the walking through dirt, mud, farmland, whatever. Bare feet are clean(er) and again, pure, just as God made them.
I need to learn to slow down and pay attention. Like the phrase, "Take time to smell the roses." I need to take time to meet God, to interact with Him. I need to learn to take notice of what's going on around me, pay attention to the little things that I often pass by, or neglect. "As you do this, look for God waiting there to interact with you, " my devotional says. How will I know it's Him? If I 'pay attention' too closely, will I just think everything is Him? How do I pay attention and still KNOW that it's Him, and not just my imagination saying, "You're paying attention, here He is."

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